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Doing Business in Iran

Forms of Business Organisation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may provide support and assistance to international investors.

Sherkat Sahami Am is a private company limited by shares. The minimum shareholders/partners required is three and the minimum capital required is one million rials. Partners' liability is limited to the amount contributed in shares. As for the registration fees, it depends on the amount of the capital.

Sherkat Sahami Khass is a public company limited by shares. It has the same criteria as the private company in terms of shareholders/partners but the minimum capital required is five million rials. Partners' liability is also limited to the amount contributed in shares and the registration fees depend on the amount of the capital.

Registration & Licensing Procedures

Before taking any administrative steps, founders of the future company have to contact the OIETAI which is the Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance Organisation in Iran. The company is then registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Iran.

Foreign Exchange Control

The exchange market is regulated and controlled by the Government. Only currencies brought from abroad can be repatriated afterwards.

Passengers are authorised to take out a maximum of USD 1,000 or the equivalent in other currencies. The authority in charge of the currency regulation is the Central Bank of Iran (Markazi bank). Repatriation of profits, capital by a foreign investor is possible with a three months' notice. In case of capital repatriation, the foreign investor must keep 10% of his capital during six months as a deposit for possible commitments. Applicable exchange rate is the official ruling rate. Moreover, foreign currency transfers are not carried out without delay, the latter can last up to six months or more.

Regulations concerning Equity Investment

According to the law of 1955, foreign direct investment is possible by means of interest participation in Iranian companies, up to 49 %.

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